If you or your partner are a Catholic and would like to have your child baptized here at Stella, please telephone our priest (and if necessary leave a message on the answering machine) or alternatively have a word with him after Mass.

First Confession & First Holy Communion

The children prepare for these sacraments within the parish as well as in school, and are provided with work books to complete with parents at home. The children are expected to celebrate Mass with us each week when our catechists will help to prepare then during Children’s Liturgy, and families help with the Offertory Procession on rotation. If you would like your child to join our programme, an explanatory sheet and application form is available at the back of church in mid-June, to be returned by the end of the school summer term. The programme begins in early September and concludes the following July.

Dads of some of the the First Holy Communion class preparing for the Blessed Sacrament procession.
Children from the 2019 First Holy Communion class preparing for the Blessed Sacrament procession


We join together with the other parishes in our deanery in preparing for the celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation every other year. This means that the young people will be in year 9 or older. Information will be provided by the weekly parish newsletter, or is available via our priest who visits our secondary school, St. Thomas More, on a regular basis.


If you or your partner are a baptized Catholic and wish to celebrate your wedding here at Stella, please contact our priest directly. He will be delighted to help you, and will be able to guide you through the necessary preparation for the celebrations.

Are you wanting to become a Catholic?

If you are enquiring about becoming a Catholic, please have a word with our priest after one of our weekend Masses, or alternatively phone him on the parish number. He is more than happy to spend the time guiding you on your journey of faith.