Welcome to our Parish

Our church continues to be open for both the celebration of Holy Mass and for private prayer along with with measures designed to keep people safe. Face coverings are mandated, we sit throughout Mass and 1 metre social distancing continues to be in place.

See below for readings and the Parish Bulletin for the third Sunday of Advent, which includes details of our current arrangements for Mass and times for Mass at Christmas.

The times of Mass over Christmas this year will be as follows.

Friday, 24th December, Christmas Eve: – 2.30 p.m. First Mass of Christmas – Children/Families;
4.00 p.m. 2nd Mass of Christmas – Children/Families;
5.30 p.m. Third Mass of Christmas;
7.00 p.m. Fourth Mass of Christmas.
Saturday, Christmas Day: – 10.00 a.m. Christmas Day Mass.
There will be no 5.00 p.m. VIGIL MASS
Sunday, 26th December: – 10.00 a.m. Sunday Mass – The Holy Family;
11.00 a.m. Sunday Mass – The Holy Family.

Sign up sheets are now in place at the back of church for volunteers to read at the Christmas Masses.

See below the parish bulletin a photo of the new Marian vestment, purchased from Holyart.co.uk for the jubilee celebrations in October. Below this can be seen a photo from our November Bereavement Service. Photos from our Jubilee Mass can be seen under the History & Grounds section of this website

New Marian Vestment
New Marian vestment, purchased from Holyart.co.uk for the jubilee celebrations in October
Red candles placed on the high altar at our November Bereavement service in memory of our deceased families and friends.

Our Church at Christmas
Our Church at Christmas
Our Church at the Epiphany

Bereavement Service

On 14th November a bereavement service gave us an opportunity to pray for our deceased relatives and friends. Parishioners lit candles from the Easter candle and placed them on the high altar.